4 DVDs in 1
4 DVDs on one Super-Length DVD
XapVision Nature Scenes was originally conceived as four separate DVDs. Now you get the variety of ALL FOUR DISCS COMBINED INTO ONE DVD that will play back on any home DVD Player and any regular television.

This is a professionally mastered Dual-Layer DVD (the same technology used to present longer Hollywood films) that retains the pristine original quality, without the need to ever change (or flip over) the DVD.

When the DVD is inserted in your DVD player, it will automatically start playing back all the Programs in random segments, and will continue to play seamlessly all day long without attendance.  Or if you hit the “Menu” button on your DVD remote, you can choose to play all the programs in chronological order, or play just one program in a continuous loop, if you choose.
XapVision Nature Scenes DVD
Running Time: 2 hr. 45 min.

XapVision Nature Scenes

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