...with soothing natural sounds!
It's like a beautiful nature painting in motion...

XapVision Nature Scenes is a professionally mastered DVD featuring NEARLY THREE HOURS of elegantly filmed and continuously changing live motion scenes of nature including
horses, puppies, peacocks, flowers, time-lapse clouds, aquatic
life, autumn leaves, frogs, squirrels, exotic birds, and much more. Created over a three year time period by Emmy award-winning documentary filmmaker Lane Wyrick, using state-of-the-art digital video technology, you see the beauty and detail of the natural world ...IN FULL MOTION.

XapVision uses natural, soothing & non-distracting sounds,
PLACING YOU IN THE MIDDLE OF NATURE. Great for nursing homes, hospitals, waiting rooms, hospice organizations, dental offices, and now you can enjoy it at home...XapVision Nature Scenes creates a more relaxing, stress relieving, and entertaining environment for people of all ages!!!
XapVision Nature Scenes

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